Road Warrior


Andy started his jewelry career in New Delhi, India at his family store – Mahalaxmi Amba Jewelers, one of the oldest and most respected Jewelry businesses in India.

During his time in New Delhi, he served as business partner, production manager and United States executive representative (New Delhi, India).

Recently, at a historic moment in India, the Anand family store in New Delhi was chosen to design and craft (out of gold) the beautiful temple of Somnath in Gujarat. The process took well over six months with a carefully crafted altar by the finest craftsman in the world. The installation was completed by Andy’s  family members, who spent all day and night installing the beautiful work that is now a part of one of the most revered temples of India.

When he’s not in the store helping customers, Andy loves to travel.  He invests his time traveling to increase his store inventory by attending  international jewelry shows.  He also travels for pleasure by long distance driving; making extensive trips through the US, UK and India.  He recently drove from Kansas City to Los Angeles and Washington D.C.  He also enjoys playing tennis and golf, reading books and photography.

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