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So Simple, Yet So Profound

There is greatness in everyone of us, The biggest lie is to believe there is not. We are all people who bring a unique aspect to our selves, our lives and those around us. To enrich others and to build them as better people for everyone should be the main goal of every living being.



Verragio: Throw Back Thursday

Chilling with the Verragio Team at the Jewelry Show in 2007. Wonderful Friends and Wonderful people. Its great to work with those that equally care about you personally and professionally. At the end of the day you only want to be around those that care for you.

Check out why Verragio is so unique and different at their website : www.verragio.comĀ 

verragio team

Why I love what I do.

blue sapphireblue sapphire and diamond ring that we just put together. Jewelery is so creative, brings out immagination, skills and the best in you. therefore my love for the business.

This is a prime example of fineness.

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Man of the Year 2010


Leukemia Lymphoma event

This is a picture when i ran for the Man of the year for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Pictured with me, The Boy & Girl of the year 2010. Great cause, great people and raised over $26,000.00 in memory of my uncle who passed with Lymphoma. Dr. Prof. Vikram Jeet Anand you are missed.


Mountains and Colorado

As a hobby I love the mountains and the ultimate joy it brings when you are one with nature. A picture from Vail, CO. Keep it snowin !!!!

Trip to Colorado

Trip to Colorado

New Ideas and New Dreams

Always thinking of new possibilities, new ideas and new thoughts. Gotta give life my best. Live like you will die tomorrow, Dream as you will live forever.

Some of my favorite Quotes

Akshay Andy Anand

Akshay Andy Anand



I think this is really profound and deepens my thought each day !!!!!